We aim to help our customers save money, time and stress.

Services we supply

You’ve found your new home and want to make a sure you get it but you don’t know what the right offer is to put forward or how to make a saving.

This is where the real difficult part begins………

But that’s where we come in, we’re here to help you the buyer through each daunting step to take that stress and pressure away and of course help with any of those “what do I do next questions”. While doing all of this we aim to save you money.

When you have My Home Deal on your side you have a dedicated negotiator working for you 24/7. Estate agents work for the seller, we work for you! Our goal is to get the lowest price possible for you, trying to negotiate with estate agents can be a very stressful time but not with our help, we want to make the entire purchasing process as simple and easy as possible. Ask some of our other customers they will confirm this.

What we do for you

Once you’ve found your new home we take the following steps


At my home deal we like to get to know our customers/clients before we start the process off, get to know your needs and wants while also gathering information we require to make the best offer possible.

Due Diligence

We will review the property you have sent us and do our research to understand the ins and outs of everything we will need to know before making a calculated offer.

Putting forward the offer

We have the difficult conversation asking the tough questions to get the best price possible for you our client. We deal with the back and forth from the estate agent to agree a deal.

We’re with you for the entire journey

We will then help you through the process from start to finish for any of those questions like……

  • What do I do next?
  • Who do I need to speak to?
  • Whats the procedure?
  • What are these fees for searches and surveyors?
  • What do I need to have done before completing on the property?

Moving in

Celebrate your new home, I think that’s worth a nice glass of bubbly