About Us

We are a passionate company, who specialise in professional negotiation. Having been in the trade for many years, we have seen countless home buyers pay more than is necessary. The seller invariably has an estate agent acting in their best interest, but often no one helps the buyer.

Our mission is to get the best price for you, the buyer. If we save you money, we make a percentage of the saving. If we don’t, there is no charge at all.

We help our customers throughout the entire process with any questions or assistance you may require. Our aim is to help take the stress and difficulty away from you the buyer, we want to help you so please use us as much as possible.

We are based in Chester, but are happy to negotiate your next home deal wherever it may be!

We are happy to provide testimonials of our service, who you can contact directly. In the meantime, feel free to view our customer reviews.

Make potentially the best financial decision of  your year, contact us today and we will call you back to discuss the process and set the wheels in motion.